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Gammon joints Plain & Smoked : 2lb - 11lb
Plain Back/ Smk Back
Streaky Plain / Smoked

Boneless Sirloin & Fillet Joints
Casserole - Mince,Stew & Braising
Fore 1/4 joints - Boneless Brisket,Boneless & Bone in Fore rib
Hind 1/4 Joints - Topside,Silverside & Top Rump
Steaks - Sirloin,Rump & Fillet
Christmas Fayre 2017

Please note all poultry orders require a £10-00 Deposit.
Please place the required weight in the box,(if possible give a minimum to Maximum weight ie.11 - 13 lb. Closing Date for Christmas Poultry Orders 8th December. Fresh Poultry Weights Available

Barn Reared Turkeys : between 6.5lb - 24lb(3kg - 10.9kg)
Bone in Turkey Crown(wings on) : 7lb - 15lb(3kg - 7.5kg) Please note as turkey Crowns are expensive we can cut crowns from whole turkeys and bag the legs for you to use at a later date as this is more cost effective
Bone in Turkey Saddle (wings off) : around 11lb(5kg)
Boneless Free Range & Barn Reared Turkey Breast : 4lb - 13lb whole Breast roll(2kg - 6 kg) cut to size
Bronze Turkeys : 7- 10lb(3kg - 4.6kg), 10 - 15lb(4.6kg-6.8kg)
Free Range Turkeys : 9lb - 11lb(4kg - 5kg),11lb - 13lb(5kg - 6kg),13lb - 14.5lb(6kg - 6.5kg)
Fresh Barn Reared Chicken Drumsticks,Thighs & Boneless Breasts
Fresh Barn Reared Chickens : approx 4.5lb(2.1kg no deposit needed)
Fresh Barn Reared Cockerels kerels 6lb - 12lb(2.70kg - 5.5kg). : 6lb - 12lb(2.70kg - 5.5kg)
Fresh Free - Range & Barn Reared Ducks : 5lb - 6lb (2.4kg - 2.8kg)
Fresh Free Range Chickens : approx 5.5lb(2.5kg no deposit needed)
Fresh Free Range Cockerels : 7lb - 10lb(3.2kg - 4.54kg)
Fresh Geese : 10lb - 14lb (4.6 kg - 6.4kg)

Large per Doz
Medium per Doz

Boneless & Bone in Leg
Boneless & Bone in Shoulder, Cushion
Boneless Lamb Steaks and Mince
Loin Chops, Rack Lamb ,Guard of Honour & Crown Roast

Belly Slices & Joints
Boneless and Bone in Loin Joints
Boneless Leg
Boneless Spare Rib Shoulder Joints
Casserole - Diced Pork & Mince
Pork Steaks & Tenderloins

Flavoured Sausages
Pigs in Blankets
Sausage Meat Plain & Flavoured x1lb
Traditional- Thin & Thick
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